Latest Production: Absolutely Normal

Welcome to the quirky and hilarious world of Showko – Australia’s favourite Japanese comedian. Kooky and off-beat, Showko’s blend of stand-up, puppetry, ventriloquism and Rakugo (Japanese storytelling comedy) is hugely entertaining and utterly unique. 


Armed with a swag of stories about growing up and living in the whackiest culture on earth, Showko will give you a glimpse into the craziness that exists just below the surface of Japan that most foreigners never get to see.


As a child, she escaped into a fantasy world of making and talking to puppets – now it’s her job. The world may be crazy, but Showko is absolutely normal. Honestly!

Absolutely Normal was directed by Heath McIvor (the man behind Randy the purple puppet) for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2018.


A bit more

A former radio broadcaster and in-flight entertainment announcer, Showko began her performance career working at a police station teaching traffic safety using a puppet. Fast forward to the present day where she lives in Melbourne with her Aussie husband and son, and is a regular on the Melbourne comedy circuit performing alongside comedy legends such as Dave Hughes, Denise Scott, Cal Wilson, Judith Lucy, Julia Zemiro, Dave O’Neil, Libbi Gorr, to name a few. Besides being the only fully trained Rakugo artist based outside Japan, Showko is also the most innovative with 400 year old traditional stories being turned topsy turvy and peppered with visual gags and Western style jokes. 


As seen on Australia’s Got Talent. 

As heard on ABC radio’s International Women’s Day debate 2017 (also on iView)




★★★★1/2 Herald Sun


 “Absurdly hilarious.” Melbourne Arts Fashion 


“…a complete hoot” Squirrel Comedy


“Comedy can be an art form and not just a trade” The Scotsman

“Absolutely delightful. Silly and clever, as well as being unlike anything else on the Fringe... ” Edinburgh Fringe Review


"The show was terrific and the audience feedback we received was through the roof – people LOVED it and so did we. You’re an immensely funny woman and the show if a riot.” Sydney Bondi Feast Artistic Director