Corporate and Government


“Her performance was incredibly entertaining for all our staff and her speech was especially inspirational to our female staff”


Marubeni Europe

“It was very unique and entertaining and a great opportunity to see something that had some Japanese cultural references but was still very funny to a British audience.”



“Absolutely memorable entertainment. Both our British and Japanese staff really enjoyed it very much”


Sumitomo Life

“It was such an inspirational speech which is exactly what we were looking for. She did a performance after her speech which was absolutely hilarious and we laughed so much.”


Visit Japan campaign, Beverly Hills Hilton

Showko introduced Japan in a unique and funny way with her puppet Ninja Ken. Our guests loved her performance”


Japan Embassy, Tonga

“It was extremely hilarious" Takilisi Pohiva, Tongan Prime Minister

P&G シンガポール
ビジットジャパーンキャンペーン, ビバリーヒルズ, アメリカ
タキリシ トンガ大統領 


“Her show was amazing and so hilarious. Because Showko was performing so many more people came to the event than any other year.”

Washington University, Seattle, US


“Showko introduced Rakugo in a very simple, easy to understand manner for students. We absolutely enjoyed her show and the students started to do Rakugo during break time.” 

Tonga High School Teacher


“Showko made our students, teachers and parents laugh until they cried.  It was a big hit and perfect performance for our 50th anniversary!”

Sydney International Japanese School


"The children loved it, the staff loved it, and everyone just laughed. It was a most enjoyable experience.

Camden Education Dept. (London)


“The students, teachers and parents were all knocked out by Showko’s performance.”

Setagaya Ward, Tokyo Education Dept.


“My students and teachers all fell in love with the show! Showko made children easily laugh by Japanese traditional artform "Rakugo". You must see her amazing skill. Highly recommended.”

Ashburton Primary School, Melbourne VIC  


“Our students loved it and were captivated by Showko’s animated and vibrant performance...they were thoroughly entertained for the entire hour. Showko offered a cultural experience that is unique  which encouraged students to use their imaginations. It was wonderful to see them so engaged and joyful. I would definitely recommend Showko’s performance to other schools as an uplifting and engaging experience in Japanese sit down comedy.“

Giralang PS, ACT


Your show complimented our “Japanese Cultural Day” perfectly. The students were entertained, laughed lots and the use of props etc were great! The students were familiar with the terminology as they learn Japanese here at our school. They all loved the puppet and the giant sushi. So hilarious!! Many were captivated and impressed with the ventriloquist skills you have mastered. Very good!! You were happy, friendly and enjoyable to watch.  Tanunda Primary, SA


Showko is an extremely talented performer whose colourful Rakugo performance captivated students’ imaginations from Prep to Year 6. Very humorous – highly recommend! Warranwood PS, Melbourne VIC


I was thrilled with your show . All children from pre school to Year 6 were mesmerised and delighted by your performance - it was such a perfect centrepiece to our annual Japanese Day. Everytime I walked past the hall I saw children and teachers thoroughly engaged, amazed and having such fun! We all loved naughty Ninja Ken! It was great that you could pitch each performance differently depending on the age group of the children. The experience was culturally authentic and you made Japanese rakugo so accessible to Australian children!

Kaleen PS, ACT


Brilliant... Fantastic... Entertaining... Engaging!! Our Principal and Vice Principal looked on amazed at how good Showko was. She did a performance in front of 88 Preps. They were engaged from the very first moment and when the puppets came out we had lost them, they were totally under Showko’s spell. She should be the star attraction of a school Japanese Day!!! Wow.

Kingswood PS, VIC


Students absolutely loved the performance! Showko was fantastic. The students loved her. They commented that she was so funny! Thank you. 

Glen Waverley South PS, VIC


The kids absolutely loved Showko! I have never seen them laugh so much and get so excited. I asked the Year 1's I had today what their favorite part of the day was, and overwhelmingly they said Showko's puppet show. She was a big success.  

Williamstown North PS, VIC 


"Showko was excellent. Great with all age groups and totally engaging. Recommend to any one.“

Warrnambool Primary School in Victoria 


Terrific show!The students are still talking about it!

Sherbourne Primary School


" The children (and adults alike) were mesmerized by her performance and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Showko has a rare talent in being able to capture the imagination and attention of her audience of 2 years old to adults. We were all spellbound!"

Swallows and Amazons Childhood Enrichment Center (Singapore)


“Big and little people alike clapped, sang or laughed along to this delightful blend of song, story, mime and puppetry...........Whether kid or no, this is a delightful show 

and a well-spent hour of anybody’s life.” 

BBC, Brighton Fringe










































”生徒たちは笑子のショーが大好きになりました!笑子のショーは素晴らしい、生徒たちは皆 ”笑子はすごーく面白い!”と大ファンになりました。”






















BBC, ブライトンフリンジ、イギリス