Q the angel

Q the Angel is a fallen angel who has fallen in love with what it means to be human. From the bizarre to the absurd he wants to experience everything humans do.

#qtheangel #angel

Sushi Master

Sushi Master is a happy widower who runs a sushi cafe. He dreams of being awarded a Michelin Start but is too innovative to get any award or even customers.

#sushimaster #sushi

Ninja Ken

Ninja Ken is nervous and sensitive but dreams of being a Ninja Master to save the world with his many skills.

#ninjaken #ninja

hello kitty

Former Hollywood star Hello Kitty dreams of walking on the red carpet again. She is a very strong women for everything except when she falls in love and gives everything to the man. #hellokitty #cats

Johnny the koala

Johnny the Koala is a Zen Master who dreams of becoming a professional singer but all he does is meditate.

#johnnythekoala #koala