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★★★★½ “Exceptional ventriloquism skill! Bouts of giggles and laughter at Showko’s surreal ventriloquist comedy.” Herald Sun, Melbourne International Comedy Festival

“Absurdly hilarious.” Melbourne Arts Fashion, Melbourne International Comedy Festival

“Comedy can be an art form and not just a trade” The Scotsman, Edinburgh Fringe

"...full of eye-catching puppetry, excellent ventriloquism and engaging stories. You can’t help but walk out of this show with a smile on your face.” My Melbourne Arts

“If you are looking for something a bit different, a bit kooky and a complete hoot, Showko has got a show for you! Definitely an enchanting introduction to Japanese culture in entertainment.” Squirrel Comedy

"Absolutely delighful. Silly and clever, as well as being unlike anything else on the fringe…” Edinburgh Fringe

“Prepare to be enchanted!…mesmerized by her genuine excitement and the magic of storytelling and creation. “ Theatre Press, Melbourne

“I kept laughing so much from the beginning to the end so my face is still smiling I can’t put it back.”  “I didn’t know what’s going to happen but as soon as it started I kept laughing! Even the show is over,I am still laughing as I remembered it.”  La Mama Theatre in Melbourne


★★★★½ “並外れた腹話術の技術!爆笑の連続!笑子の非現実的腹話術ショー”